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Bodega Terra do Castelo

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Wineries, Wine Tasting and guided visits
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Crta. Ribadavia-Carballiño OU-504 Km 4
32415 Beade
(Ourense) Spain


Bodega Terra do Castelo is established in 2004 and is officially opened by the president of the Xunta de Galicia on 26 May 2005. Located in the city of Beade (Ourense) on a surface of 3500m² (2047 built), the winery Terra do Castelo includes production of 104 cooperative members, owners of approximately 200 hectares of vineyards.
We are a hold of our time. Our objectives are to bring together the expertise of our land, with the highest technology existing today, for the best wines with the best grapes of our land.
The facilities are designed with view to the future, equipped with the very latest technology in a more efficient environment that merges stone, wood and native elements. Its architecture has captured from the moment the tradition of the region and has moved to the interior spaces, so that always remains still inside the feeling of being in an environment in our history.
The latest technology of cold and stainless steel, controlled fermentation and rigorous sterilization are all in our warehouse work undertaken by a team of well trained professionals, young and experienced in the sector.