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Wineries, Wine Tasting and guided visits

Bodega Pousadoiro

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Wineries, Wine Tasting and guided visits
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(Ourense) Spain


The history of our familiar winery began from countless generations back. Although its modern history can be trace from 25 years ago, when the vineyard was planted with new native varieties. Nowadays, most recently modernized facilities were introduced: press, steel tanks, cold, etc ...
Our winery has the commitment to adapt itself to the new trends in the wine market. We recognize that the image is an integral factor. So new facilities have been made in a traditional rural house in the area, belonging to the ancestors of the family, in order to show their customers the vineyards ih a nice guide visit.
The guide visits to our winery is part of a project to promote the tourist route of Ribeiro, a region wellknowm for their wines since roman times.
We are an Adega de Colleiteiro as we use to call in the region to those family wineries with a small but exclusive production that comes from their own vineyards, giving the wine its own personality. (Currently these wines are also called Signature Wines).