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Hotel Rural Quinta de São Sebastião

Alojamiento Enoturístico

Hotel Rural Quinta de São Sebastião

Barroselas (Minho-Lima) Portugal

The river Neiva valley:
Between the Lima and the Cávado rivers, the Neiva valley as a unique charm running from the Oural mountain to the Atlantic ocean, aloung 42 Km of rural landscape.
Green fields and pinewoods, hidding small villages and the river, that is the beauty of this region.
If you are a history lover, one can find here and there, signs of ancien times, testimonies of old cultures reminding us our own ancesters.
If you are a nature lover, just follow the river path from the mountain to the sea to feel the heart of mother nature.
And if you also love sports, take a cannoo to go down the river.
On summer time, the region has an explosion of local folk parties everywhere you look at, religion and tradition side by side.
Region (surrounding localities)
Viana do Castelo - 14 Km (15 mnts)
Ponte de Lima - 21 Km (25 mnts)
Barcelos - 19 Km (22 mnts)
Esposende - 20 Km (23 mnts)
Braga - 39 Km (40 mnts)
Vila Verde - 28 Km (32 mnts)

House in river Neiva

River Neiva

Alojamiento Enoturístico
Barroselas (Minho-Lima)
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